Thursday, January 12, 2012

Google Maps Mania

Google maps satellite imagery is stunning. Even though we do not have time or dedication to travel around the world, google Earth maps can indulge our sense of adventure.
Here is a small collection of animal sightings. Most of them are from the National Geographic project "Africa Megaflyoer".

Birds in Colomiers, France. Coordinates: 43°37'47.57"N,1°20'28.49"E

White Birds sitting in a tree in Africa, east of Lubale. Coordinates: 0°13'7.95"N, 33°22'49.34"E

Whales in Hervey Bay, Australia. Coordinates: 24°37'19.53"S, 153°17'30.00"E

Small herd of Elephants in Africa. Coordinates: 10 54'13.84"N, 19 56'6.13"E

Another Herd of elephants. White bird joins in too. Coordinates: 10°54'13.16"N, 19°55'59.67"E

Large pod of Hippos taking a bath. Coordinates: 6 37'46.20"S, 31 08'12.96"E

More African Hippos. Synchronized swimming? Coordinates: 12°10'55.15"S, 32°17'42.17"E

Camels, Donkeys and People Coordinates: 15°17'54.44"N, 19°25'46.66"E

Camels: Coordinates:  15°17'40.39"N, 20°28'47.38"E

Seals. Coordinates: 18°26'45.41"S, 12° 0'44.23"E

This old African village town is made of slabs of salt cake. Coordinates:  19° 0'9.04"N,  12°53'36.06"E

Houses 2  Coordinates: 13° 1'12.07"N,  15°48'35.47"E

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